In recent years, we've had quite a few superfoods and "IT"oils. From rosehip to argan, from coconut everything to Le Préféré's favourite baobab. A lot of these oils have all being the top of our favourites. We try it, like it and inevitably add it to our arsenal of daily natural skin care products. But every so often, we find something that totally blows our mind, and we are super excited to be using this new "IT", wrinkle busting oil in our Le Préfére Miracle S Super Face Serum.


Let us introduce to you Cacay oil.


Discovered from South America, from deep within the Amazonian jungle, around the base of the Andes mountains. Cacay oil is extracted from the nut of the Caryodendron Orinocense, or cacay tree. Cacay trees are grown mostly wild, and there are no commercial producers currently which makes this oil incredibly difficult to source. This is why you won't find Cacay being used in more commercial beauty brands.


Historically, the Cacay nuts are used for medicinal purposes by the locals, but recent discoveries have found Cacay oil contains 3 times more natural retinol (vitamin A) than rosehip and 50% more vitamin E and F than argan oil.


We tried Cacay for many months and after seeing real visible results, we decided to include this in our Miracle S Super Face Serum.

Let us give you 6 great reasons to like Cacay...


1. Highest natural source of Retinol (Vitamin A)

A brief explanation of Retinol first. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A, we are all quite familiar with the results of Vitamin A on skin. It's one of those magical does-it-all skincare ingredients; it’s an antioxidant that activates the skin’s natural renewal process, promotes cell regeneration and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It’s just as good for acne as it is for anti-aging. For example, Accutane, one of the most potent drugs you can take for severe nodular acne is made with derivatives of Vitamin A. However, man-made retinol have caused some bad side effects on skin, and there is a risk of irritation and flaking, especially for sensitive skin. Natural retinol on other hand, is much safer and gentle on skin, until now, we haven't discovered a natural form of retinol that is significant enough to induce a visible anti-aging effect. Cacay has just proven itself to be one of those ingridients we have been looking for.


2. Wrinkle Buster - Strong result to reverse the sign of aging

Le Préféré source its precious Cacay from Columbia, and Derma Consult in Germany performed a clinical trial on the sourced oil proofs that Cacay oil's efficenccy to reduce wrinkles and to improve hydration, firmness, elasticity and smoothness of the skin. 95% of patients showed a reduction of up to 45% in wrinkles volume, after only 4 weeks of use.

3. Highest Linoeic Acid (Omega 6) content

At Le Préféré, we like another exotic, rare ingredients Kalahari Melon seeds oil for its high Linoeic acid potentcy (67-70%). However, Cacay actually slightly surpasses Kalahari melon, with a linoeic acid proportion at 75%, and twice as much as Argan oil. Linoeic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid and one of the primary components which make up the protective outer membrane of healthy skin cells. It is also an essential fatty acid, meaning that the human body cannot synthesize linoeic acid on its own, thus we must obtain it from dietary sources or absorption through the skin.


4. Plenty of Vitamin E too

Another vitamin well known for its skin healing and nourishing properties – vitamin E or alpha-tocopherol – is also found in abundance in Cacay oil. Again, Argan Oil was our previous favorite for vitamin E content. However, Cacay oil boasts an extra 50% more of this ultra healthy nutrient which is known not only for its ability to nourish and heal skin, but also for its cancer-fighting antioxidant potential.


5. Fade scars and blemish marks

Nothing is more than annoying than having scars left on your skin after your skin heals from acne. The vitamins and essential fatty acids profile naturally present in Cacay oil are the perfect combination for healthy skin regeneration. Simply apply a drop or two to areas of skin where unwanted blemishes reside and massage in as part of your daily skin care routine. Even if they don’t disappear completely, the scars should fade to the point where they will be unnoticeable from all but the most up-close-and-personal distance.


6. Improve the lives of low-income families and helps to save the rainforests

Discovering rare, effective cosmetic ingredients around the world and at the same time helping to fund the creation of micro-economies in fair trade communities has being one of major ethos of Le Préféré Skincare. We picked Cacay oil because the cultivation of Cacay trees and the harvesting of Cacay nuts are actually improving the lives of low-income families in Amazon regions of South America. Families who previously relied solely on labors such as the raising of livestock or growing food crops to earn a very modest living are now gathering Cacay nuts which fall from wild trees to earn extra income.


At the same time, we all know the deforestation in the Amazon is horrendous. The destruction of the rainforest robs the entire world of untold natural healing secrets and potential medical breakthroughs contained within the tropical plants which grow there. The sudden rise in popularity of Cacay oil and Cacay trees may help with the situation, as more commercial Cacay plantations are now being commissioned to produce this supernut. This benefits the surrounding ecosystems by neutralizing air pollution, recycling excessive levels of carbon dioxide, halting erosion and replenishing nutrients in the soil to encourage growth of other Amazonian plant species.


So, we love Cacay oil and we love Le Préféré 's Miracle S Super Face Serum too, try it and email us at if you have any feedback.


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